Vaccine approach at Creature Comfort...

Our doctors are familiar with both Dr. Jean Dodds' and Dr. Ronald Schultz's research on vaccinations and vaccine titers.

We have vaccine handouts available to our clients.  We base our recommendations on each animal's individual situation, depending on the degree of each pet's potential exposure to diseases.

For example, for strictly-indoor cats, often we recommend no vaccines after the initial kitten vaccines.
Most puppies need core vaccines, especially those puppies who will attend puppy class and/or will go outside to be socialized with other dogs before they are 16 weeks old.

We recommend vaccine titers often when annual boosters are due.

Rabies vaccine protocol is governed by laws which can be discussed with your veterinarian.

It is important to emphasize that every patient is an individual, and we will work as a team to help you decide the best vaccine schedule, focusing on maximum health and minimal over-vaccinating.


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